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10 ways to feel less stressed about the kids leaving the nest

When your last child leaves home for college or work a sense of loss is natural. Some may feel bored or lonely. Like all life events some will breeze through this phase, some will take some time and adjust naturally but for some this sense of loss continues. Maybe you will experience this for the first time this year or maybe your children had left, returned during the pandemic and will leave again soon for college.

This is a good time to set some new goals, take up new hobbies, re-kindle old friendships, start a course or class to learn something new, volunteer, make travel plans, the list is endless. If you are reading this and are not feeling excited, motivated and positive about this big change in your life, read on.

Below are 10 ways to feel less stressed about your children leaving the nest:

  1. Be prepared, anticipate what might need to change in your life.
  2. Take the time to plan out what you want for your new future and make a plan for success for this new time of life.
  3. Re-evaluate your own goals and dreams.
  4. Start dreaming about something you never got to do before that you can do now.
  5. Get in tune with how you are feeling? Write this down. How does it compare with how you would like to feel?
  6. Stay active physically or start physical activity. There is more going on at this stage of life other than children leaving home! Your body needs to keep (or start) moving.
  7. Find enjoyable hobbies and ideally some that keep your brain sharp.
  8. Learn something new – what have you regretted not learning yet? Now is your chance!
  9. Don’t entertain anything that resembles ‘old’ or ‘too old’.
  10. Avail of one of many volunteering opportunities.

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